It takes a tremendous amount of work, support, and collaboration each year to put together our international research conference. We would like to take a moment to recognize those that have helped to make this year’s event possible. ICHAMS thanks you for your support!


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iMED Conference - Lisbon, Portugal

AIMS Meeting - Antwerp, Belgium

WMIC - Montreal, Canada

AMSC - Antwerp, Belgium

Yes Meeting - Porto, Portugal

LIMSC - Leiden, Netherlands

ISCOMS - Groningen, Netherlands

in4Med - Lisbon, Portugal

XPOMET - Berlin, Germany

IMSCC - Instanbul, Turkey

IMSCB - Bucharest, Romania


ICHAMS Ambassadors are invaluable in their capacity to promote the conference, discuss their research experiences, and to answer student questions about the conference. Find out more HERE.

The following are our ICHAMS 2019 Ambassadors and the city/country their school is affiliated with. Click HERE to find out more about them and their research. They will be happy to assist you with any questions you might have.

jenny lam.jpg
Mashkur Isa.jpg
Amy Pawson.jpg

Jenny Lam - Manchester, UK

Suzanne Murphy - Dublin, Ireland

Joseph Salah - Dublin, Ireland

Mashkur Isa - Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Adetunji Adekunle - Lagos, Nigeria

Amy Pawson - Dublin, Ireland

Sannihita Vatturi.jpg
Ameera Khan.jpg

Bharti Kewlani - Dublin, Ireland

Ayaka Yamamoto - Tokyo, Japan

Aliyah Mohammed - Dublin, Ireland

Sannihita Vatturi - Dublin, Ireland

Ameera Khan - Dublin, Ireland

Marisa Nunes - Prague, Czech Republic