Our Ambassadors are important for promoting ICHAMS to their fellow colleagues at their University or College. This helps us to achieve our mission of providing valuable research and presentation experience to a vast array of healthcare students at an early point in their career.

As an Ambassador, you will receive digital promotional material from our Marketing Team that you can share on your social media platforms, school website, or to whoever else you think would enjoy ICHAMS. Our Ambassadors are also available to answer students questions about the conference or to chat with them about their field of research!

The ambassador program is closed for application for ICHAMS2020. Congratulations to our 12 successful applicants!

As an ambassador, you have the important role to serve as an information source for prospective delegates of the conference. This includes sharing your ICHAMS experience and encouraging other students within your own networks to attend and/or present research at the conference.

It is our hope that this ambassador program will allow ICHAMS to expand its mission to provide valuable research and presentation experience to healthcare students at an early point in their career. Additionally, we hope that it will foster even greater collaboration and collegiality between healthcare students from different nations and health systems around the world.

The ICHAMS Ambassador position offers the following benefits:

  • FREE registration for passive participation at the conference or a €25 credit towards the abstract submission fee

  • Experience in research conference administration that will boost your CV

  • Access to a network of other ambassadors and delegates from around the world

  • Opportunity to improve research collaboration among healthcare students throughout the world

  • The chance to win the ICHAMS Ambassador of the Year Award

As an ICHAMS Ambassador you are expected to:

  • Create a short review of your ICHAMS experience to be shared on the ICHAMS website (4-5 sentences maximum)

  • Create a short biography including where you are from, your current academic institution, your interests, and your area of research to be shared on the ICHAMS website (3-4 sentences maximum)

  • Send us a professional headshot to be shared on the ICHAMS website along with your bio

  • Include your email address along with your headshot and bio on the ICHAMS website so prospective delegates may contact you with questions about the conference

  • To make at least 2 social media posts per month advertising the conference (marketing materials will provided along with this guide and additional materials will be distributed to you as the conference approaches)

 We are pleased to introduce the inaugural members of the ICHAMS Ambassador Program. Feel free to reach out to any of these members to ask them about ICHAMS, or their biomedical research field!

Andaluzia Ioana Morariu.JPG

Andaluzia Ioana Morariu

Hi, i am a 6th year medical student from Ovidius University or Constanta, i did an attachment in RCSI to Beaumont Hospital last summer and fell in love with the city and of course the medical system there.
I am willing to pursue a medical carreer in Ireland and i would be honored to be ambassador for this congress which i attented as well last year and had a great experience.

Email: morariu.andaluzia@yahoo.com


Faizan Akram

Hello! I am Faizan Akram. Currently I am doing M.Phil. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Faculty of pharmacy and alternative medicine, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan, Previously I did Pharm. D. from the same institution with Silver Medal. My area of research interest is Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, Nano medicine, Micro particles and Research article writing.

Email: Faizanbwp@hotmail.com

Savvy Benipal.JPG

Savvy Benipal

Hi Everyone! My name is Savvy and I will be entering 3rd Med at RCSI! I am originally from a smaller town just outside of Vancouver, Canada. I have spent my summers working at BC Children's Hospital and at the BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Institute. When I'm not at the lab or studying, you can find me outside enjoying the sunshine or finding a new cafe!

Email: sukhmanibenipal@rcsi.com

Edward Yo.jpeg

Edward Christopher Yo

Edward Yo is a third year medical student currently studying in Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia. Aside from his several academic achievements including the Most Outstanding Student of first year, he is also active in community health programs and research competitions and conferences. He has completed two research papers on Glioblastoma Mulfiforme (GBM), stem cell, and cancer, which are currently under review for publication in a prestigious journal. Reflecting on his journey in medical school, Edward seeks to help promote collaboration among international medical students especially through research opportunities such as ICHAMS.

Email: edwardchristopheryo@gmail.com

Mashkur Abdulhamid Isa - Mashkur Isa.jpg

Mashkur Abdulhamid Isa

Mashkur Isa is originally from Nigeria and currently undergoing training at the Bukovinian State Medical University in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. He has served as an ambassador for over 40 conferences as well as holds positions in different organizations. His main areas of interest are surgery, global health and the SDGs. Furthermore, he has a deep passion for volunteering and encourages people to achieve their goals while discovering their hidden potentials.

Email: mashforreal@yahoo.com

ichams - amy pawson.jpg

Amy Pawson

My Name is Amy Pawson, and I am a Canadian medical student at RCSI. I am currently entering into my 5th year (Med 4) of a 6 year program, and have been very fortunate to have gained research experience at McMaster University, in the Nuclear Medicine department, and CReATe Fertility Centre, in the Andrology department. During my time at RCSI, I have participated in a variety of activities, including ICHAMS. This conference allows students to network with like minded students, additionally, to present and showcase their hard work. I hope to see you there!

Email: amypawson@rcsi.ie

Sarah Colbert-Kaip.png

Sarah Colbert-Kaip

I am from Ottawa, ON and received my undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto. Currently, I am studying Graduate Entry Medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. I am interested in the challenges that face rural practices and would like to explore research related to healthcare delivery to under-serviced regions.

Email: sarahcolbertkaip@rcsi.ie

DSC_6802 - Andrea Harvey.jpg

Andrea Harvey

I am currently a first-year resident in Internal Medicine at the University of Toronto with a strong interest in Nephrology. My primary area of research is the clinical outcomes of different dialysis modalities in treating acute kidney injury. Outside of medicine, I'm an avid cyclist, love to go hiking and I'm a die-hard fan of Great British Bake Off.

Email: harvey.andrea.k@gmail.com

Ruiying Jian.jpg

Ruiying Jian

Ruiying is a 2nd year medical student from University College Cork from Singapore. She has prior experience in neurobiology research, but is also passionate about immunology and oncology. Her deep interests in public health have led her to several projects and initiatives, and she will be looking to conduct research on it next summer.

Email: 118104520@umail.ucc.ie

Rohit Shahi.jpg

Rohit Shahi

Hi I am Rohit Shahi from NRI Medical college, Andhra Pradesh. I am a researcher, innovator and a wannabe surgeon. My area of research are biomechanical engineering, Osseointegration, Robotic surgery and Orthopedics

Email: rohitshahimp@gmail.com

Mohamed Ossan Saiful Islam.jpg

Mohamed Ossan Saiful Islam

Hi everyone! I’m Saif Ossan originally from Sri Lanka and I’m a final year medical student from People’s friendship university of Russia,Moscow. I pride myself in dedicating my time to take part in international medical conferences and tournaments. My fields of research are oncology & cardiology and my research on GI cancer was published recently in international journal. I strongly believe international conferences give a brilliant opportunity to meet mutually interested people from all over the world, to let everyone know about researches, to pursue scientific skills and of course to explore the incredible host nation. So that, undoubtedly ICHAMS will be an amazing lifetime experience for young researchers.

Email: saifossan@gmail.com

Kameron Chatoor.jpg

Kameron Chatoor

Hey, my name is Kameron Chatoor and I am from the tropical island of Trinidad and Tobago. I am a 3rd year Medicine student in RCSI. I have a strong interest in research and I am currently working on alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency in Irish Centre for Genetic Lung Disease. ICHAMS is an exciting conference to share your research and learn about research in many different fields. When I am not studying, I enjoy long distancerunning and exploring Ireland.

E-mail: KAMERONCHATOOR@rcsi.com