Our Ambassadors are important for promoting ICHAMS to their fellow colleagues at their University or College. This helps us to achieve our mission of providing valuable research and presentation experience to a vast array of healthcare students at an early point in their career.

As an Ambassador, you will receive digital promotional material from our Marketing Team that you can share on your social media platforms, school website, or to whoever else you think would enjoy ICHAMS. Our Ambassadors are also available to answer students questions about the conference or to chat with them about their field of research!


As an ambassador, you have the important role to serve as an information source for prospective delegates of the conference. This includes sharing your ICHAMS experience and encouraging other students within your own networks to attend and/or present research at the conference.

It is our hope that this ambassador program will allow ICHAMS to expand its mission to provide valuable research and presentation experience to healthcare students at an early point in their career. Additionally, we hope that it will foster even greater collaboration and collegiality between healthcare students from different nations and health systems around the world.

The ICHAMS Ambassador position offers the following benefits:

  • FREE registration for passive participation at the conference or a €25 credit towards the abstract submission fee

  • Experience in research conference administration that will boost your CV

  • Access to a network of other ambassadors and delegates from around the world

  • Opportunity to improve research collaboration among healthcare students throughout the world

  • The chance to win the ICHAMS Ambassador of the Year Award

As an ICHAMS Ambassador you are expected to:

  • Create a short review of your ICHAMS experience to be shared on the ICHAMS website (4-5 sentences maximum)

  • Create a short biography including where you are from, your current academic institution, your interests, and your area of research to be shared on the ICHAMS website (3-4 sentences maximum)

  • Send us a professional headshot to be shared on the ICHAMS website along with your bio

  • Include your email address along with your headshot and bio on the ICHAMS website so prospective delegates may contact you with questions about the conference

  • To make at least 2 social media posts per month advertising the conference (marketing materials will provided along with this guide and additional materials will be distributed to you as the conference approaches)

 We are pleased to introduce the inaugural members of the ICHAMS Ambassador Program. Feel free to reach out to any of these members to ask them about ICHAMS, or their biomedical research field!

jenny lam.jpg

Jenny Lam

Jenny Lam (25) is in her final year pursuing the degree of MBChB Medicine at Hannover Medical School and at the University of Manchester (UK). After receiving the „Students Science Award 2015 of Lower Saxony“ in Germany, her research was recently published in a high-impact journal for stem cell research. Beyond science, she has dedicated her time to various social projects aiming to enhance medical care for refugees nationally, to Model United Nations conferences and to programs fostering global student exchange for the next generation.

Email: jenny.lam@web.de

Suzanne Murphy.jpg

Suzanne Murphy

Suzanne Murphy is a fourth year medical student in the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI) . She originally trained as a general nurse at Trinity College Dublin in 2011. In 2014, she completed a postgraduate diploma in tissue viability from RCSI before returning to RCSI fulltime in 2015 as a medical student. Suzanne is interested in pursuing a career in neurosurgery and her research interests include epilepsy and hydrocephalus. She is currently the director of RCSI’s student medical journal.

Email: suzannemmurphy@rcsi.ie

Joseph Salah.jpg

Joseph Salah

Hello, my name is Joseph Saleh and I’m a 4th Year Pharmacy Student. I have a strong interest in research, having conducted research at both a National and International level, and have the ambition of pursuing a PhD. I look forward to seeing you and all the great projects during ICHAMS 2019!

Email: josephsaleh@rcsi.ie

Mashkur Isa.jpg

Mashkur Isa

Greetings Everyone! I’m Mashkur Isa originally from Nigeria but currently undergoing training at the Bukovinian State Medical University in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. My main areas of interest are surgery and cardiology. Furthermore, I have a passion for volunteering as well as encouraging people to achieve their goals and discover their hidden potential.

Email: mashforreal@yahoo.com


Adetunji Emmanuel Adekunle

Adetunji Emmanuel is a student of College of Medicine University of Lagos, Started his professional medical career in 2012. As a result of his thirst for a thriving student community he was elected as one of the core planning committee at 2017 African Youth leadership & Economic Summit (AYLES). He has served in various organizations/medical outreach as medical team lead, vice –president/ President and his research interests include home and community-based prevention and management of childhood illnesses. Adetunji Emmanuel has presented his research work in the following conferences:

  • Association of Medical Student National Scientific Conference (AMSUL).

  • Scientific Conference Lagos University Medical Society (LUMS)

  • 15th Scientific conference, faculty of Clinical Sciences, college of Medicine, University of Lagos.

Email: dremmanadetunji@gmail.com

Amy Pawson.jpg

Amy Pawson

My Name is Amy Pawson, and I am a medical student entering into my 4th year (Med 3) at RCSI. I pride myself in participating in a multitude of activities, one of which is research. I have been fortunate to have gained research experience for the last two summers at CReATe Fertility Centre, and McMaster University

Email: amypawson@rcsi.ie

Bharti Kewlani.jpg

Bharti Kewlani

My name is Bharti Kewlani and I’m from Dubai, U.A.E. At present, I’m a 4th year undergraduate medical student enrolled at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. I’ve worked on an immunology/pharmacology  project at the Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics (MCT) laboratory last summer and more recently, I conducted a surgical clinical audit. As ICHAMS ambassador, I consider myself fortunate to be given the opportunity to promote research and encourage student contribution towards this integral part of medicine. The area of research that interests me the most is Neuro-surgery/oncology.

Email: bhartikewlani@rcsi.ie

Ayaka Yamamoto.jpg

Ayaka Yamamoto

I am an Undergraduate Pharmacy student(JC5) at Hoshi University, Tokyo. I have two years of experience in laboratory work and conducting research surrounding a new treatment for diabetes under the guidance of the head of my laboratory situated at Hoshi University.

Email: wonka_ayaka@LIVE.JP

Aliyah Mohammed.jpg

Aliyah Mohammed

My name is Aliyah Mohammed and I am a 3rd year medical student at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. I enjoy meeting new people and making friends from all over the world. I previously attended ICHAMS as a passive participant. This sparked my interest in the field of cancer research. My hobbies include playing tennis and dabbling on the piano.

Email: aliyahmohammed@rcsi.ie

Sannihita Vatturi.jpg

Sannihita Vatturi

I am a Canadian medical student studying at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. I enjoy research as it is a way to acquire answers to questions that many people have. I also really enjoy meeting new people. 

Email: srisvatturi@rcsi.ie

Ameera Khan.jpg

Ameera Khan

Hello! I am a third year medical student at RCSI, in Dublin, Ireland. I am an international student and I have lived most of my life in Oman but my motherland is India. This is my fourth year in Ireland and I am having an amazing time as a medical student here. In my free time I lead the Red Cross society and UNICEF society at my college. I also have a passion for research in immunology and public health medicine.

Email: ameerakhan@rcsi.ie

Marisa Nunes.jpg

Marisa Nunes

My name is Marisa Nunes and I’m a 5th year medical student, originally from Portugal, currently studying at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Czech Republic.

My research work is focused on Diabetes Mellitus and I have a particularly special interest in hypoglycemia.

E-mail: silva.nunes.marisa@gmail.com