Clare Lambert - Co-Chair

My name is Clare and I will be one of the Co-Chairs for ICHAMS this year! Our goal is provide healthcare and health science students the opportunity to be exposed to high level research and present their own research while they’re still in college. I’m very excited for a new year filled with fabulous keynote speakers, workshops, research presentations and our signature social programme. When I’m not studying medicine or working on research in the fields of psychiatry, emergency medicine and geriatrics you can catch me riding my bike around Dublin. Can’t wait to see everyone at the conference this year!  


Isha Bagwe - Co-Chair

Hey, my name is Isha and I’m truely honoured to be one of the Co-chairs for ICHAMS. Originally from the sunny shores of Australia, I started studying medicine at RCSI in 2016 and I’m currently in my third year. I absolutely love food and travelling, two hobbies which go well hand in hand. In my spare time, you will find me exploring the the hidden secrets of a city, checking out the local markets and eating the traditional food. Being part of ICHAMS has been a rewarding and educational journey. I hope you too can experience this by being a part of our upcoming conference in 2019!

EmerRose Kealy.jpeg

EmerRose Kealy - Special Tasks Officer

Hi, my name is EmerRose & I am from Co. Wicklow, Ireland. I am a third year medical student in RCSI & I am delighted to be part of ICHAMS 2020. I am passionate about undergraduate research & the opportunities it can provide to students. ICHAMS is a great event to network & learn more about research. I am honoured to be a Special Tasks Officer on this year’s committee & look forward to meeting everyone in February!


Jasmine P. - Special Tasks Officer

Hello! My name is Jasmine and I am from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. I am one of the Special Tasks Officers for ICHAMS 2020. My interest in research began when I was a research assistant at the Harvard University Department of Physics. Most recently, I did Paediatric Cardiology research at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids Hospital) in Toronto, Canada. I am committed to building knowledge aimed at evolving practices and patient care in medicine. I look forward to meeting all attendees at the ICHAMS conference this February!

Erin Walton-Ball.jpg

Erin Walton-Ball - Scientific Officer

Hi there I’m Erin! I am in my second year of the GEM program at RCSI and I am loving living in Dublin. I’m originally from Hamilton, Ontario but I did my undergrad at the University of Western Ontario. I am one of the scientific officers for ICHAMS this year and I am super excited for a great conference!


Bunmi Adesanya - Scientific Officer

Hello! My name is Bunmi Adesanya and I’m from Peterborough, Onatrio, Canada. I am one of the ICHAMS scientific officers this year., I studied Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa for three years before coming to RCSI. I used to be afraid of research, but after completing my own project and participating in ICHAMS last  year I can safely say I’ve changed my mind. I can’t wait to meet all of you at the conference!

Lisle BlackBourn.jpeg

Lisle Blackbourn - Scientific Officer

 Hi! My name is Lisle and I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. I did my undergraduate in Biomedical Engineering and Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin and then completed a Masters degree in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University. Currently, I am in my second year of Graduate Entry Medicine (GEM) at RCSI. Looking forward to being a part of ICHAMS this year and can’t wait to meet all the conference attendees this year!

Joseph Saleh.jpg

Joseph Saleh - International Public Relations Officer

Hi, my name is Joseph and I’m a 5th Year (Masters) MPharm student with an interest in International Relations. I believe it’s important for every healthcare student to promote interest and engage in innovative research, as it is essential for prospective patient care. ICHAMS is a unique event that facilitates this at not just a National but also an International level allowing exchange of ideas Worldwide. Therefore, being an ICHAMS Committee Member is something which is a privilege, as it allows me to contribute to such a diverse and important event. Looking forward to seeing you all!


Ciarán Carney - Workshops/Education Officer

Hi there! My name is Ciarán and I am a third year graduate entry medicine student. I’m from Dublin and am a graduate of RCSI, having qualified as a pharmacist in 2016. I am also part of this year’s education committee. I look forward to meeting you all at our workshops this year!


Christine Okeefe - Education Officer

Hello! My name is Christine and I'm one of the Education and Workshop Officers for ICHAMS 2020. I'm originally from Burlington, Ontario, Canada and am in my second year of the Graduate entry Medicine (GEM) program at RCSI. I'm really excited about the workshops we have planned for this year and look forward to welcoming everyone to the conference this February!


Jeffrey Lam - Workshops/Education Officer

Hey, I’m Jeff! I’m from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada and I am in my third year of medicine at RCSI. I studied Neuroscience at the University of Western Ontario. When I’m not in the library I can be found sampling some of Dublin’s great restaurants. I am one of the ICHAMS Education & Workshop Officers. Stay tuned - we’ve got some great workshops planned for this year!


Lachlan Glen - Sponsorship / Public Relations

Hi! My name is Lachlan and I'm from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I am one of the sponsorship officers for ICHAMS 2019. Before moving to Ireland I studied Oceanography at the University of British Columbia. Look forward to meeting you all at the conference! 


Joshua Parris - Sponsorship Officer

Hey, Josh here. I am from the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago and I’m in my second year of medicine at RCSI. ICHAMS is an amazing student-led initiative and I am incredibly excited to serve on this year’s committee as one of the Sponsorship Coordinators. Looking forward to seeing all of you at ICHAMS 2020!

Morvarid Zehtab.JPG

Morvarid Zehtab - Sponsorship Officer

Hello! My name is Morvarid, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In my third year at RSCI, I am thrilled to be serving as one of the sponshorsip officers at ICHAMS this year. When not in the library you can find me running, playing volleyball, or hunting for the nicest cafes Dublin has to offer. I look forward to meeting you at this years conference!


Chelsea Cheng - Scientific Officer

Hi, I’m Chelsea, one of the Scientific Officers for ICHAMS 2020. I am a third-year Graduate Entry Medicine student at RCSI in Dublin, although I am originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Having been a part of ICHAMS 2019, I am excited to continue inspiring students to engage in research. I look forward to seeing you at the conference!


Ishan Antony - Social Media Officer

Hi! My name is Ishan Antony, I am from India, born in Riyadh and raised up in Dubai. I am currently in the third year of the six year medical program at RCSI and am super excited to work with ICHAMS as the Social Media Manager. I am really interested in oncology and love involving in research. Looking forward to meeting you all at the conference and see some wonderful research work!

Alex Bonte.jpg

Alex Bonte - IT Officer

 Hello! My name is Alex and I'm from northern California. My undergraduate degree is in Integrative Biology, and I have a professional background in project management along with a special interest in health policy and equity. I am one of the two IT officers for ICHAMS, and look forward to the conference!

Maria Casalino.jpg

Maria Casalino - Events Officer

Hey everyone, I'm Maria!  I am from King City, Ontario, Canada, and currently finishing up my 3rd year here at RCSI in the Direct Entry Program.  My research experience is mostly in Paediatrics and I am very excited to be one of the Events Officers for this upcoming ICHAMS conference!


David Joyce - Events & Accommodations 

Hi! I’m David and I’m one of the events and accommodation officers for this year’s ICHAMS conference. I’ve lived in the amazing city of Dublin my whole life and I’m currently a third year medical student at RCSI. In my spare time I like reading, running and cooking. I’m really looking forward to this year’s conference and can’t wait to meet everyone at the events!

Razi Alalqam.PNG

Razi Alalqam - IT Officer

Hello! My name is Razi, from Qatif, Saudi Arabia. I’m a second year medical student in RCSI. I have particular interests in IT, making me one of the three IT officers of ICHAMS 2020. I am looking forward to deliver a remarkable ICHAMS experience for all participants.


Kristyn Dunlop - Scientific Officer

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