Q: What is ICHAMS?

A: ICHAMS (International Conference for Healthcare and Medical Students) is a student-run research conference that takes place at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) in Dublin, Ireland every year. The conference welcomes undergraduate students from across the globe to present their research as oral and poster presentations. Participants will also enjoy keynote speakers, practical workshops, as well as a fun social program.

Q: What is active participation?

A: Active participants are undergraduate students who have performed research during their studies. Active participants submit their research in the form of a 250 word abstract by the fall deadline each year. The abstracts are reviewed by three RCSI reviewers and are ranked. The top abstracts are selected for oral presentation while the majority of abstracts are selected for poster presentation. There is no guarantee that your abstract will be accepted for presentation at the conference. Abstract submission costs €50 (non-refundable) and this fee includes attendance at the conference and access to all events including keynote speakers and workshops. Click here to submit an abstract.

Q: Do I submit under the graduate or undergraduate categories for abstracts?

A: Undergraduate Category: Research must have been completed during an undergraduate degree or as part of a professional degree including medicine, pharmacy, and physiotherapy. Research completed as part of a Masters degree or PhD will not be accepted. Graduate Category: Research must have been completed as part of a Masters degree or PhD.

Q: When do I hear if my abstract has been accepted?

A: Participants will be informed about abstract decisions a minimum of 45 days before the conference date.

Q: What if my abstract is not accepted?

A: All applicants with an unsuccessful abstract submission will be invited to attend the conference as a passive participant and will be welcome to attend all conference events.

Q: What is passive participation?

A: Any student can enjoy the conference as a passive participant without submitting research. Passive participation costs €25. This gives you access to all conference events including keynote speakers and workshops. Click here to sign up for passive participation.

Q: What if I pay for active or passive participation but cannot attend the conference?

A: Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds for those who decide not to attend the conference.

Q: Does the cost of attendance include the Gala Dinner?

A: No, the cost of attendance does not include the Gala Dinner. The gala dinner is an additional €30. It includes a lovely champagne reception, three-course Halal meal, as well as entertainment. Join us for a great night to close off the conference!

Q: Will I receive a certificate of attendance for attending ICHAMS?

A: Yes. Certificates of attendance will be distributed at the registration table for delegates who have registered and paid for the conference.

Q: Where is the conference held?

A: At the Royal College of Surgeons, 123 St Stephens Green, Dublin 2, Ireland. For more information on the RCSI, click here.


Q: Is there a template to help me format my abstract?

A: Yes, please refer to our submission guidelines for assistance.

Q: Can I submit more than one abstract?

A: Yes, you may submit as many abstracts as you wish. All abstracts must conform to the standards set out in the submission guidelines. You must pay the €50 submission fee for each abstract submitted.

Q: What kind of research can I submit?

A: ICHAMS accepts original research performed during your undergraduate degree (this includes medicine, pharmacy, or physiotherapy degrees). You cannot submit case reports or literature reviews.

Q: I am a mature student (ie, Post-Grad, Post-Bac) who has already completed a degree. Can I still submit an abstract to ICHAMS?

A: Yes, research completed as part of a post-baccalaureate program or research done previously during undergraduate studies is acceptable for submission to ICHAMS. Additionally, research done during your time in medical school or during your pharmacy or physiotherapy degree is accepted, even if you have a previous degree. Research completed as part of a Masters or PhD programme, however, cannot be accepted.

Q: Can I submit an abstract that has already been presented at another conference?

A: Yes, you may submit work that has already been presented at another conference, however, in compliance with copyright regulations you may NOT publish the same abstract more than once. Therefore, if you have published your abstract previously, you may present it at ICHAMS but must withhold it from publication in BMC Proceedings.

Q: My supervisor is not aware that I am submitting my abstract to ICHAMS – can I still submit it?

A: No, as this is an undergraduate research conference, all abstracts must be reviewed by your supervisor and the supervisor must be listed as a co-author.

Q: I have already submitted my abstract, however I have recently received new results that change the outcome of my abstract – can these changes now be made?

A: No, once an abstract has been submitted, no further changes can be made. If accepted for oral or poster presentation you may supplement your results with new data obtained since abstract submission.

Q: I have more abstract authors than there is room for in the submission form.

If you have more than 10 authors please send an email to ICHAMSresearch@rcsi.ie with your full name and the full title of your abstract. Please provide a list of all authors including first name, middle initial (if necessary), last name, and affiliation (department, school, city, country). Please mark the most senior author as the corresponding author.

Q: Who is the ‘corresponding author’?

A: The corresponding author is the most senior author of your abstract, commonly your supervisor. If you choose to submit your abstract for publication in BMC Proceedings the corresponding author will be listed in the publication. Please note that all correspondence regarding the conference itself will be directed to you, the delegate. The corresponding author designation is used strictly for abstract publication.

Q: Will my abstract be published if I submit it to ICHAMS?

A: All abstracts accepted for oral or poster presentation that have not been published previously can be published in BMC (BioMed Central) Proceedings. During registration on the day of the conference you will be provided with a publication waiver. This waiver must be signed in order for the abstract to proceed to publication. If you do not attend the conference or do not sign the waiver your abstract will not be published.

Q: What if I do not want to have my abstract published?

A: If you do not sign the publication waiver on the day you register for the conference your abstract will not be published.



Q: Do I need a Visa to attend ICHAMS 2019?

A: Please contact your local Irish Embassy for information regarding travel requirements to Dublin. If you require a Visa, we will issue a certificate of registration to support your application ONLY after the registration fee is paid in full. We cannot issue this letter unless the fee for conference attendance is paid. We can write letters for active or passive participants of the conference.

Q: Can ICHAMS provide information on Visa processing, what my Visa will permit, etc.?

A: No, ICHAMS cannot provide information regarding any aspect of Visa processing or what the Visa allows. All Visa queries should be directed to the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs or the Irish Embassy in your home country. Visa information can also be found at the following link http://www.citizensinformation.ie/

Q: Can ICHAMS book travel or accommodation for me?

A: ICHAMS does not book travel or arrange accommodation for delegates. However, you can find a helpful list of accommodation recommendations on our accommodations page

Q: How do I format my oral or poster presentation?

A: Please see the presentation guidelines page for more information.



Q: Can I submit an abstract that has been or will be published as a full article in the RCSI Student Medical Journal (SMJ)?

A: Yes, however, you cannot have your abstract published in BMC Proceedings.

Q: Can I present my abstract at ICHAMS and at the RCSI Research Summer School Research Day?

A: Yes, please ensure that you check with your supervisor regarding publication of your abstract with ICHAMS.